Rob Dyrdek – Founder & CEO at Dyrdek Machine

“Alex was essential in my journey to fully reengineer my body. Her knowledge laid the foundation for my quest for optimal health and function.”

Discovery Parks

“What an amazing 6 weeks of challenging our ego minds, breath work, mediation and focusing on self-care as a way to bring our best self to work and home. This program is not your typical corporate training and really pushed us out of our comfort zones. We have seen a positive shift in all of those who were open to testing their thinking about how to perform at their peak in a fast-paced and constantly challenging environment.”

Ai Sugiyama – Former Professional Tennis Player reached #8 Singles #1 Doubles

“Alex kept me injury free for over 5 years, which allowed me to reach my highest World ranking of my career and allowed me to retire on my own terms. “

Andrew Vontz – Head of Communications at Strava

“When I met Alex, she had just prepared Danny Way for his leap over the Great Wall of China (Picture above). A pioneering effort performed with the support and careful program design of a cutting-edge trainer and human performance expert. Alex’s intense passion for functional movement, human performance, her work, her clients, and her former career as a professional triathlete shines through in everything she does. Always ahead of the me-too masses in her training practice and business practice, Alex was the first human performance expert I knew with her own downloadable workouts and iPod app. I’ve had the opportunity to interview the top human performance and training expert in the course of my own career, and Alex is one of the finest I’ve met.”

Paul Rodriguez – Professional Skateboarder

Paul Chek – HHP/Founder, C.H.E.K Institute

“Alex Laws has lived the life of an athlete and like all true coaches, she shares her life path and experiences with her clients. Alex gives fully customized programs for health, performance and well-being. I’ve shared many clients with her successfully.”

University of Southern California – Health Sciences Dept

“For three years straight, the University of Southern California has had the privilege of having Alex Laws as a guest speaker for classes in our Physical Education Department. She is an incredibly knowledgeable and dynamic speaker who uses her personal experiences, expertise and vast wisdom to inform, engage and empower students. She has been an incredible asset for our student athletes and aspiring coaches. 

Alex has the ability to address and engage both small and large groups with ease, humility, humor, and genuineness. Her down to earth, “real athlete” mentality thoroughly entranced our students, made them critically think, and provoked unique questions outside of our typical curriculum. She has an innate ability to relate directly to the needs and issues of college students and athletes while at the same time presenting new ways of thinking about sport performance, training, coaching, and mental preparation. 

After listening to students’ reflections following each of Alex’s presentations, one of the key topics amongst comments was that “athletes need more of this information!” Students are genuinely excited for, and now understand the importance and prospect of her idea to integrate key aspects of performance into one contemporary holistic avenue for athletes to experience comprehensive individualized excellence. 
We are incredibly grateful for Alex’s contribution of enhancing our student’s knowledge, awareness and expanding their perceptions of the world of coaching and human performance.” 

Lindsay Davenport – Former Professional Tennis Player #1 Singles & Doubles. Grand Slam Winner

“I have known and worked with Alex for almost a year. During this time, she has demonstrated to me that she has both the ability and the knowledge to work as a trainer to professional athletes, enabling these athletes to reach the top of their particular sport.
I am a prolessional tennis player. I am at the top of the sport, having reached the spot of the number six ranked female in the world in July of 1994.
With the assistance of Alex Laws, I am certain I can improve on my last two years results and reach my goals. Alex possesses the necessary knowledge of exercise psychology and physiology. In addition, she has the people skills rvhichare necessary to rvork with and inspire professional athletes.”

Quality Wool

​​​​I could listen to Alex for hours. She knows her stuff- Quality Wool employee
I’m more conscious of how I look after myself after listening to Alex- Quality Wool employee