I offer a range of services that can be customised to your specific requirements. Read the outlines below and contact me to discuss how I can tailor a program for your organisation.

Corporate Programs

With job demand, mental fatigue and time pressures on the rise organisations are loosing billions of dollars a year at the cost of their employees mental and physical wellbeing. The problem is that we don’t know how to create Neural Reserve. Neural reserve is having energy left over after meeting your mental, physical and emotional demands of the day, competition, event or assignment. My programs create an energy surplus that will set you apart, improving creativity, productivity, clarity of mind and decision making.

Mind • Move • Momentum

Do you have a team that is now working remotely from home & struggling with confinement and lack of motivation for their mental and physical wellbeing?

I have taken components of my successful corporate resilience program and training as a certified yoga instructor and developed and quick and effective way to keeps people’s minds clear, reduce stress and increase their energy to keep their work momentum going. 

This is a gentle support program to help those through these challenging times.

This program includes

  • Monday – Friday 15min online live session
  • Access to my video library of breath exercises, meditations and yoga classes
  • Access to my weekly 1-hour online yoga class on Thursday evenings

This program is Online Only

6 Week Peak Performance Program

  • How to create “Neural Reserve”for optimal performance.
  • Bio Hacks for my Four Quadrants for Peak Performance blending both modern science and ancestral wisdom.
  • The latest research and tools that turn the dial on performance most effectively.
  • I use quantifiable data and tools to measure performance.
  • A practical experience and journey through the 6 weeks using the tool and techniques that increase peak performance.

Executive Resonance Program

A deeper dive into the world of peak performance using strategies, tools and testing to increase resilience, levels of consciousness and work on creating a group level of coherence for optimal performance in the corporate world.

Keep up and you will be kept up

Yogi Bhajan